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Issues related to personal social security

Hoped to introduce the individual social security issues, the more clearly as possible, including the pay scale, use and so on. Also I heard that unit does not seem to pay it? Is that true? Individuals are now responsible for it? "Full insurance" is to pay the better?

Posted on 2014-07-28 01:40:48

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Units and individuals to pay next year, the proportion of social security will not change, but the unit is no longer classified as part of paid personal account, but is classified in the social co-ordination. How many will do regarding the number of pension funds and individual accounts is directly related to the introduction of this policy, means a pension income will be reduced. In addition to this policy, starting next year, the proportion of pension calculated the total amount of personal accounts from 20% to 15%. Why should the government do it? At present, social security payments because of the gap is very large, the current individual cities have emerged without central Appropriations to send Social Security payments can not be the case. With the increasing number of retired workers, the future funding gap is even greater.

2014-07-28 01:40:48