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Be considered for current deposits, bank debit card?

Not, what is a debit card? What does it do?

Posted on 2014-07-28 02:10:02

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Upstairs and nonsense, debit card (debit card) and credit card (credit card) is the banks, accounting theory is the most basic entry, that "there must have borrowed loans, loans will be equal." Customers to open deposit accounts in banks, the banks are "borrowing money from the hands of customers," and pay interest. So you can be understood as a debit card deposit card. The nature of book and debit cards are the same, but different carrier accounts, passbook is certainly not the card. Debit cards are now a lot of additional features, such as pay, stocks, etc., but ultimately is to first deposit, and can only use the funds do not exceed deposits. The extent to which the card is a credit card overdraft and credit card is in this area, you can "pay back the money after more money" on the banks of "the funds to lend to customers." The so-called "industry specializing in surgery," people can not know everything, do not understand the financial knowledge can humbly ask, which I appreciate very much, do not pretend to understand as some people ah!

2014-07-28 02:10:02