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How in the city credit cooperatives

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Posted on 2014-07-28 02:10:03

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Urban credit cooperatives in the province has deposits of the organization to increase sources of credit funds as an important task, the business has developed rapidly. To the end of 1988, all deposits up to 216 million, up 226.63 percent compared with the end of 1987, depositors increased to 53,615, an increase of 187.34%. One Fuzhou Hongxing, Xiang Zhangzhou City, Quanzhou seaside, Wing of the urban credit cooperatives and other four deposits more than 1000 million. City Credit Union deposits are divided into the following three categories: (a) the collective savings deposits mainly refers to the collective urban collective enterprises (such as the street of factories, enterprises, etc.) deposits. The end of 1987 the province's urban credit cooperatives amounted to 47.4475 million yuan collective deposits, 3311. To the end of 1988, the balance of 1.5 billion, 11,288. (B) of the individual deposits of individual deposits are mainly refers to the individual business deposits. Late 1987, the province's urban credit cooperatives amounted to 3,852,200 yuan of individual deposits, 2165 to the end of 13.9892 million yuan in 1988, 6794. (C) Regular savings deposits and demand savings deposits divided two, in 1987 the province's savings deposits of urban credit cooperatives, 14.8397 million yuan, 13,183. Balance at the end of 1988 reached 52.4106 million yuan (including regular savings balance of 19,459,500 yuan, current savings balance of 32,951,100 yuan), 35,533, and the balance growth of 253.18 percent compared with 1987. Urban credit cooperatives in the deposit interest rate stipulated by the People's Bank Head Office uniform rate execution. Provincial People's Bank in September 1988 on the forward "city credit regulations," the notice stated: to conduct RMB three, five, eight hedge savings deposits, interest subsidies by the urban credit cooperatives themselves. In addition, urban credit cooperatives in addition for their savings deposits, but also the agency for professional bank savings deposits and charges. Mainly in support of urban credit cooperatives, "two small" Economic development of production, invigorate the circulation of commodities. By the end of 1988, the loan balance of 179 million yuan, up 207.76 percent compared with the end of 1987, loan-to-user 8172, an increase of 145.6%. Loans under the following categories: (a) the main target group is the group lending loans to urban collective enterprises. The end of 1987 the province's urban credit cooperatives amounted to 46.6577 million yuan group loans, 1178. By the end of 1988 reached 143 million, 2764, compared with growth of 206.49 percent in 1987 balance. (B) individual loans to individual loans are mainly targeted at individual business. Urban credit cooperatives in 1987 the province is 11.5049 million yuan of individual loans, 2131. To the end of 1988 to 36.2354 million yuan, 5363, compared with 1987 growth of 214.96 percent balance. Urban credit cooperatives, lending rates may go up, the specific unified floating rate determined by the provincial People's Bank. September 1988, the provincial People's Bank states: according to the provisions of the People's Bank Head Office 30% of the benchmark interest rates go up. Urban credit cooperatives in the province loan management, mainly the implementation of the aforementioned two provisions in conjunction with their actual circumstances of the loan officer loan management methods and system of job responsibilities. Since 1988, the implementation of asset liability management system, that is its own urban credit cooperatives plus accumulation of capital and total assets of not less than 5%; the loans shall not exceed the total equity capital plus total deposits and 80 gold %; issue fixed assets loans shall not exceed 30% of total loans; on a large collective enterprises, the maximum loan amount does not exceed 50% of its own capital, a loan for the self-employed does not exceed the maximum amount of own capital 10%; shall not exceed the total fixed assets plus the accumulation of own capital and 20%. Urban credit cooperatives in the implementation of the two "requirement" in the lending business gradually implement the "five essentials" (that is, borrowers with "two small" enterprises mainly based on short-term loan period, the amount of small loans based , loans to local area-based, approach to the mortgage-based loans), made remarkable economic and social benefits. But since it has a short time, the worker quality is not high, the disbursement of loans, some social existence "three check" system is not implemented, the procedure is not perfect, the system strictly blind lending, the occurrence of overdue loans and other issues. Urban credit cooperatives except for deposits and loans, but also for insurance agents, agency securities, collection and payment, on behalf of the safekeeping of cash and transfer agency business and settlement, city and off-site clearing and other services. Urban credit cooperatives in addition Xiangcheng province urban credit cooperatives in the bank branch to open outside of Zhangzhou City, Xiangcheng, the rest are in the local line to open an account, to participate in clearing and financial settlement city. Jincheng city of Fuzhou for remote settlement of credit cooperatives, etc., in addition to the line for transfer of remittances by local people, but also with key cities across the country to make direct remittance city credit agreement for direct remittance, formed between the main urban credit cooperatives collaborate with each other small joint line network, expand new channels for capital flows, both for the convenience of many of the collective, individual businesses, but also save the cash to use, accelerate cash flow, increase economic efficiency.

2014-07-28 02:10:03