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How to improve the company's performance (engineering ware)

Our business model now has a dealer base by the original, plus one or two OEM manufacturers, but because the original dealer did a poor job, this year has a lot of orders less than last year, the company's personnel follow orders less , the domestic part of the only 2 people, the foreign part of the same, now I need to save the business of how to better enhance the performance.

Posted on 2014-07-28 02:10:15

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Venture Law 01 - you have to do to start losing or winning preparation. Venture Law 02 - the world's richest man, thinking to learn can achieve double the performance. Business rule 03 - speed is the key to success and look better. Venture laws of 04 - to know that not all industries are making as much money. Venture Law 05 - will start before the first of your trades be assessed. Venture laws of 06 - to grasp the future trend is more important than the mastery of information. Venture Law 07 - master the trend as the biggest trend to master. Venture Law 08 - with the same "race" as riding on a horse race to "instant success." Venture Law 09 - the success rate depends on whether we have the best tools. Venture laws of 10 - to find the best "products horse" to run the old version of the responsibility. Venture laws of 11 - to find the best people you work to instant success. Venture laws of 12 - to compete with others as with others. Good technology, experienced as a good car ride, ride a good horse! Venture Law 13 - choose the industry means fewer competitors win without fighting. Venture Law 14 - the three eyes: the trend of big, big city taste of small competitors. Venture Law 15 - do a large space for future growth industries. Venture Law 16 - product sales volume is the key to wealth. Venture Law 17 - market demand, large market, is the large amount of the premise. Venture Law 18 - can not sell because the product quality and price. Venture laws of 19 - to ensure the quality of your product among the same class with the best price. Venture laws of 20 - to set the heart of consumers exposed to price rather than to seek high or low demand. Business rule 21 - not only do pre-sales service after-sale service. Venture Law 22 - Customers do not buy products still give customers information. Venture Law 23 - the biggest cost of business is not trained salesman. Venture Law 24 - the methods used to sell products on the company to enhance the performance guarantee. Venture Law 25 - the first with a marketing company to do business on behalf of the training than on him personally to do business. Venture Law 26 - will be great products, sales channels and more. Venture Law 27 - publicity, promotion, and then publicity. Venture Law 28 - the world is no perfect person only perfect team. Venture Law 29 - license is not equal to abstain, but also to be monitored after authorization. Venture laws of 30 - to engage in management by walking around. Venture Law 31 - without the right supervision and management of a waste of talent. Venture Law 32 - class talent is priceless. Venture Law 33 - the first president of the world will come to the front line every day. Venture Law 34 - Success is one percent of the daily progress. Venture Law 35 - the past does not equal the future, there is no failure, only temporarily successful. Venture Law 36 - who insist on not giving up the success is a success Reference: Chen's, speeding business

2014-07-28 02:10:15