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Who is a better understanding of sodium silicate?

Please tell me the last sodium silicate of the stock market, and a better understanding of who uses ~ please leave a message please?

Posted on 2014-07-28 02:34:50

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Water loss after heating sodium silicate solution will become a white foam-like solid, the other is as alkaline sodium silicate, so - sodium silicate. Alkali metal silicate is a combination of oxide and silicon dioxide soluble alkali metal silicate, also known as sodium silicate. Sodium silicate according to the type of alkali metals into sodium silicate and potassium silicate, and its formula were Na2O.nSiO2 and K2O.nSiOz. Where n is called the coefficient of modulus of water glass is silica and sodium silicate in the molecular ratio of alkali metal oxide (or mole ratio). Sodium silicate water glass modulus is an important parameter, generally between 1.5-3.5. Higher modulus of water glass, solid water glass more difficult to dissolve in water, n is an often warm water that can be dissolved, n increase the hot water is required to degrade, n is greater than 3 4 atmospheres or more is required to degrade the steam. Higher modulus of water glass, silica content of more water glass viscosity, easy to break down hardened, bond strength increases. The production of sodium silicate dry and wet methods. Dry quartzite and soda ash as raw materials by, ground mixture, in the furnace at the melting temperature of 1300-1400 \u9229? the reaction of solid water glass press-type, dissolved in water and liquid sodium silicate was prepared by wet process quartz powder and caustic soda as raw materials in high-pressure steamer, 2-3 under atmospheric pressure steam reaction, direct generation of liquid sodium silicate.

2014-07-28 02:34:50