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Good delivered, but lousy quality. Please help!

Recently, I have managed to source a factory from to manufacture clothing for me. Before proceeding with sample making, the staff who liaised with us requested for a 30% down payment of the 5 dresses (around US$400) that we want to make. We proceed to make the payment. The staff has assured us time and time again that the quality of the dresses will be good and ask us to trust her. Due to time constraint, we requested the staff to send us pictures of one of the sample via email as we want to proceed with mass production of that dress as soon as possible. We told the staff the necessary changes in the language that she is proficient in (Mandarin). And she proceed to mass produce. After mass production, she sent the goods together with 4 other samples that we requested them to make earlier on. When we received the goods, we were appalled by the quality of the mass production dresses. The hems were unevenly stitched, the cloth which holds the removable straps broke, all the dresses were shorter than the stated length by 1.5 inches, the dresses were very translucent (colored undergarments can been seen) and the workmanship was very lousy (the threads snapped easily and the inner side was not sewn neatly) Then we realized the person liaising with us made the dresses with another factory (behind the back of her boss). The factory she got to mass produce was not the factory that we sourced from alibaba. The person who liaised with us has gone back to her hometown for Chinese New Year and we are due to deliver the dresses to our customers by this week. Also, almost all factories have closed for Chinese New Year. In this case, who are the responsible parties? Should the boss of the company be partially responsible as this is his employee?

Posted on 2013-02-14 23:26:37