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How to Write a Financial Services Brochure?

I want to dvertise my company's distinct financial services with a professional looking brochure.

Posted on 2013-02-14 23:26:38

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   1.Print the brochure on high-gloss standard size paper.    2.Design the cover page. Use photos describing finance related themes or pictures of actual people engaged in financial consultation. Add the company's name, slogan, complete address and contact information.    3.Divide each page into two sections. Put graphics, such as charts and tables to stress points made in the text, in one section. Place text identifying main and subheadings in the other section.    4.Frame main headings as specific goals. Limit main headings to one or two words. The most common main headings include estate planning, asset allocation, education planning and investment solutions.    5.Put main headings in boldface type on each page. Place subheadings below main headings.    6.Write all subheadings as short bulleted sentences. Provide details on how the company achieves those goals in each subheading. Begin each subheading with an action verb.    7.Finish the brochure with a dramatic last page. Add the company's logo and any special awards or associations. Explain briefly the future results awaiting clients. Insert an image containing the signature of the company's most senior executive.  

2013-02-14 23:26:38