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Each clerk should then have a pair of invisible feet!

Each clerk should then have a pair of invisible feet! The reason why we can walk, because we all have feet, that is, the foot is the foundation and prerequisite to walking. Similarly, the salesman on the road you want to go in the stability of foreign trade, goes far, also need to have a pair of feet, a pair of invisible feet. Well, I do not Zhuangshennonggui the. I refer to each of you want to go long-term sales must have a pair of "foot" refers to the key word is sales analysis. Do not disdain hey ~ ~ Whether you want to find potential customers or passively allow their products to attract customers active inquiry, are inseparable from the keyword analysis! For example, you have to master the use of good keyword analysis capabilities, to the changing e-commerce platform Secretary on the operation of the product you keywords to the platform as much as possible to find the product related information on buyers then, you must also use a good keyword analysis to master the ability to get buyers of these information integration, segmentation, analysis with your key words right out of the search engine to search on, then get more of these corporate buyers of specific information, such as contact information. As another example, you want some free or fee posted on the business platform to attract a number of product information inquiry, you have to use your ability to master a good keyword analysis will get you through the analysis of customer search habits that meet the words for your product named, would then be possible to allow customers in search of these products when you see your product, be possible to attract some inquiries. This point, I wonder if you agree with me that the key word analysis is as important as the words of the feet. Anyway, I still have to come to a shallow: the keywords in your collection, be sure to understand how ordinary people to search by keyword, it is very important. Welcome to the exchange in question.

Posted on 2013-02-15 02:59:22

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Oh, that's rational to support about it!

2013-02-15 02:59:22