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Search engine optimization and PPC keyword ads difference

Search engine optimization and PPC keyword advertising different items PPC-Advertising SEO-keyword search engine optimization provided by the nature of search engine advertising to improve their web design natural search rankings after the PPC billing cycle charges (annual or quarterly, etc.) to pay fee to show the advantages of natural search results can be clearly control the amount of daily consumption of low-cost and flexible than the ppc keyword at any time to better establish the brand by bidding high and low rankings show related support available to enhance the shortcomings of keyword prone to malicious clicks it takes time to get good natural rankings click advertising costs more the more consumption is not possible to control the position of keywords in a position (conventional in the top10 or top20) CTR / CTR (Click Through Rate) 5% ~ 15% 65% of the second page the first page 25% of the third page of 5% CPC CPC (Cost Per Click) Click the more clicks the more expensive advertising costs more, the lower the cost

Posted on 2013-02-15 02:59:23