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When SEO encounter code, did not move the

When SEO encounter code, did not move me again, I am very grateful for their mistake then broke into an impulse FOB, only today's personal understanding of the SOHO. In the FOB know a lot of very good friends, George, a small Pang, rime ........... many pinkey attention and support to the welfare of faithful ~ ~ is all I continue to feel warmth and happiness. Today is a little trouble to the FOB, talked in front of the site is to ask people to do, and spent a lot of meters. There are many areas to improve in the hands of his own doing. I study business administration, Oh, when the special hatred of mathematics or a female student, in my eyes code and number, the equation just as bad but now it accidentally onto the road of foreign trade SOHO. I like the current study to meet the same entrance from the network. Network is a virtual thing, but it is a very profound thing. I am a rookie in the rookie. Site is roughly somehow, perhaps too much their own ideas, and always to get it some of the more perfect. My site is ECSHOP system used, the effect can be, back-office functions are pretty good. This is 2 days at a friend's pointing tool is also fitted with an assistant (that hard, did not think I can get these things hands), and finally to the point of efficiency. As a SOHO we should spend more to promote and customer experience, not as I had spent so unfortunately the website. Therefore, site must be easy to use! SEO recently learned a lot of knowledge, found that the site in terms of optimization and art shortcomings: 1. Need a site maps (because of my product more, has that is very helpful, help to optimize) 2. Need to install a Magnifier tool (Friends who are interested to see, think it is advertising, then on Do not point a) is not a good website put pictures of tools, has been chaotic out. Yesterday saw the ECSHOP forum, there can solve the problem, excited for a moment, but that will not get hate straight teeth itch! ! Why I will not code! ! ! ! 3. Need a system can change the website link to specific products. see it? ? A search only, at this long to get rid of, do not give up ~ ~ ~ even do not know the supposed, had come to the FOB, and complain ....... I do not expect something else, can be used as is just blow off steam, it can be said here for help.

Posted on 2013-02-15 02:59:23

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ECSHOP There are several versions. At first when I contacted a PHP, back out. Net long time ago there ASP. In fact, the code is very simple, especially for SEO, because it does not involve deep core code, the parameters of the call. You need to read to you OK! No independent development capabilities, have to do is to modify modify the page label. title setting. I read your stuff is very common that a magnifying glass stuff, if you are not very powerful, then you need to do a product plug your ECSHOP gone, you give the website to write very detailed. Edit with notepad on it, it is not right to put on a DW

2013-02-15 02:59:23