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Some questions about SEO services

Some doubt on the SEO services in English foreign trade company in Guangzhou Boling network industry first to do SEO Strategy SEO experts need not stop online marketing experience, sales experience is also the ground a great plus. Although the experience of offline and online marketing is very different, but the concept of the market, competition in the sensitivity of the sense of dedication to the project, these are the qualities for success. If he has no sense of the actual market, he must not really understand well your marketing efforts, can not give you full cooperation. If your homework well, you can also ask some further technical issues, but not too much depth. Optimization problem can introduce their way in the process, the SEO company's technical staff to solicit views. However, SEO companies generally refuse to carry out too many free Web site analysis, so the scale to grasp. Here are some wrong and inappropriate questions and requests, should be avoided. * I have some key words, can you help me to optimize the first page of Google or Baidu? This question is asked, or actually think that SEO is advertising, such as Baidu PPC. Advertising is charged according to the price of the word, each word to the top surface of the charges are different. Search engine optimization is the site of the comprehensive restructuring, in many cases, price optimization and optimization of a word ten words, a hundred words required to walk the same. SEO Optimization should not be in accordance with the idea of one or a few words to offer, it can not be implemented according to this logic. * I asked you to pay these costs, can you help me optimize the number of keywords? It sounds like this question is asked SEO company can guarantee a certain ranking. In fact, it is impossible to guarantee rankings, because search engines are not owned by any one of SEO's. There is no guarantee, unless it is Google, Baidu themselves. Generally raised the issue for Google and Baidu's bid to do advertising, more money is easy to arrange in front of the natural, and very little skill required. * "Can first try a couple months, after the results and then decide whether Kan pay?" Search engine optimization is a project, to the preparations for the, especially the beginning stages of implementation, the workload is very large, first try some time, SEO is not fair. And, for a successful SEO projects, service providers must invest considerable effort to understand the site and the competitive environment in order to develop a strategy. The capital investment is not difficult to do at home. * "Between you and the search engines you?" There is no relationship between search engines and good and bad. Search engine's natural search engine ranking is the founding of the country, so there is no human factor to control the search results unless the search engine out of a public trust. SEO can do is to help a site close to perfect as possible. * "Can you help me improve the site several times sales?" Of sales is to improve the search engine not only bring more traffic, the site's ease of use and sale of a competitive product is the decisive factor. In addition, the customer service is timely and thoughtful are the reasons for it to increase sales. This is not to change out of SEO. Finally, if the SEO companies need to seek foreign help, need to do even more. In addition to organizing an English officers and foreign companies a better dialogue, should look at these foreign companies have Chinese staff. Language an obstacle, not the smooth channels of communication, SEO work hard to seize the heart of the problem, it will be difficult to carry out, the effect is natural to imagine. I hope colleagues will understand not to do SEO to make money but to our customers through our service will give customers the benefit of our customers find us haha SEO ranking is of course not for us to profit more exchanges www.bolingchina.comhttp:/ /

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