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The role of SEO and the SEO advantages of marketing

The role of SEO and the SEO advantages of SEO marketing role and the advantages of SEO seo marketing role: we talk about what is in front of the article mentioned seo, seo optimization mainly for sites in Baidu, Google, Yahoo and other search engines get better natural position to win more potential customers of a network marketing, this is the most clear view. seo marketing advantages: 1. effective long: in the case of a professional SEO may be a long time to maintain an effective, one year, two years or even forever. 2. Effect: Web site traffic increase; registered users increased; These are all precisely quantified, rather than advertising, the effect is difficult to assess accurately. 3. Cost-effective: less expensive than a lot of PPC and advertising. PPC or the cost of online advertising is growing now, and SEO compared to absolute advantage. 4. User Experience: Enhanced Website friendliness, and enhance brand reputation.

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