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how could i find potential clients about polyetheramine

polyetheramine is used in polyetheramine is curing agent used in epoxy resin ,marine coating,production of plastics, coating industry (polyurea systems), adhesives, RIM formulations.And have the same grade as huntsman.such as D-230,T-403,D-2000 .

Posted on 2014-05-03 23:00:27

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search by different keywords that are closest to your products and then select the ones with the highest leads.... post your product online using the keywords with complete details moq, prices and speciality...... you got look for buyers on alibaba for ur product....provide them your quotes.... try looking for buyers on different b2b sites as well........ you also got to find out prices from other suppliers and compare them with yours...... so that you know how competative ur prices are..... show them all ur products......tell them more about ur company.....and why u are better then others..... know buyers opinion on ur product and prices........and u get use to it ;)

2014-05-03 23:00:27

reliable suppliers from China:

2014-05-03 23:00:27