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how to optimalize the i-marketing via wesite?

what must to do or achieve to get a better prospect in doing i-marketing ?

Posted on 2014-05-20 01:00:18

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ExpertRecommended AskerRecommended Hey Tika,    Happy to help as you have helped so many people!   I assume you mean through your web presence.   There are many ways to enhance your web presence and you must begin with a decent website.   Next, you must optimise your website to allow it to come high in search rankings, this is known as SEO (Search engine Optimisation)   Third and finally is getting your name and site present on blogs, websites and forums. This takes a lot of interaction and time but is worth it.

2014-05-20 01:00:18

Hello Dec, thanks for answering, happy to see you around here. as for your "meta tag= Happy to help as you have helped so many people!' Frankly, it is not a big deal, what I had doing in the forum is not so much at all, I did it because: 1. As a SME from nowhere country, I owe to in getting business chances. 2. Also as my admire to the Admin of this forum(Ms Carol Xen Xhu Ya) and other staff of Alibaba, which are so kind.. that brought me to joint this Community to sharing in gathering as One Union. 3. Just to do something that may be 'mean something' to others, be as a mankind in real live, reality. a little effort as like a candle in the darkness, not enlighting but at least existing a deeming twinkle. Regarding your answer, in generally yes I agree with that, a bit knowledge of IT must there, the Website, SEO, Link management,way back links,Page rating, Keywords, Anchor, Tag, Meta tag, and Social media links as: Blogs, Pres. Release, Newsletter, Web-stats, Web-tools, Web-devlp. Ask & Answer forum, and other picture SE as like , twitter, Face-book, etc and other forums will promote and make us present in SE pages at many links and access. meaning that get popular or known by public/market.and those are what Alibaba's had provide and hardly effort for providing it. especially for FREE(not pay)-Members. All are there in, All what we need to do is just to follow the guidance to Update and Upgrade the web-links, products-keywords, Nicer-pictures and Informatively contents in it. There are so many among members that still not Optimize their web in Alibaba(internal)and their links(external). so it still not maximum in 'Hit the Target'. ... The innocent of less-knowledge and ignorance of this had brought and giving a peak-chance for the adventures of 'manipulating' or exploiting and digging this 'instant-short cut way" to grab the market opportunity as a profit taking as the instant-food menu, although there are not deserve to get it yet. They can be as the new-bee with lack of 'qualification' for the business and up to the adventures of 'scammers/frauders' with no means-business at all. nothing just a soft cheating up to a true-cheater(el bandito in disguise). Making Money by Manipulation. It just making the dark cloud in i-marketing or i-trade, making it harder(for honest and dedicated SME) to do it. To make it equal, we must improve the IT achieving in Web-maintenance, links, and SEO to do i-marketing.

2014-05-20 01:00:18