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What are the 'Good-Website" is ?

How to know that a website is good ? meaning that can bring interest and trust from buyer ?

Posted on 2013-02-14 23:26:41

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AskerRecommended Murthi & Alex , that are not the answer of my Q about : how can be a Website can be said as a good website ? what are the conditions and the requirements ? such website(good) must have/contents of what ?  20 mar 2010:  Tika Jatiman answer to Ulrich quote 1.try to create content related to your products. 2.Use a SEO friendly system like Wordpress or Joomla to create the website. 3.Use social media to do some marketing. Hope this helps!Good luck, Tika Jatiman said: well Ulrich your 3 points of answer are acceptable. I may say that 1.Content of the web: id est -the domain, web's name and the data content must matchable or Co-related. - web design in good composition, photo image, color, fonts and other friendly stuff. - Keywords, links, tags etc must be optimizing. the Anchor must be there. - the web is informatively & interactively. 2. SEO : links management of the keywords, label, tags, pictures must build a reciprocal and friendly or searchable by the Search Engine. the link net must configure a web net. get a first page rank in SE is favorably. 3. Social media is an alternative. but the web promo by a web master to be in the track and right category, get to the top rank, high traffic, many visitors, are target to achieve to be as a good website. 4. Trust : a trustworthy covering of authenticated, certified, verified, rating registration, contact details and person. secure line/sources, anti spy ware & virus, anti spam, etc etc ---------------------------------------------------------------- comments from other webmaster are expecting...     Modified by Tika Jatiman on 19-03-2010 20:32

2013-02-14 23:26:41

Hi there Start selling at online  as ebay, yahoo,amazon and when sending the product to them send invoice and show them who you are as these are the high traffic site. Another way is to google them. LInk your site to these sites  and wise versa.   Modified by alex davis on 28-02-2010 15:18

2013-02-14 23:26:41   Cheers.. 

2013-02-14 23:26:41