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I seek sponsorship of edible food items

Dear Sir/Madam, greetings from Montfort Youth Training Centre, Kinarut, Sabah. We are a NGO-Welfare centre running a vocational-technical skills training for underprivileged youth, ranging from 16-19 years old. This youth are from the interior mode area of Sabah, mostly from hard core background, orphans, single parents, dysfunctional families. The youth here are trained in Motor Mechanic, Welding and Wood-working (Carpentry) industry. All the course/program provided are residential program of 2 years. Beside the technical/industry skills, the youth are taught with live-in-experience character formation. Our daily operation to run this residential/industrial programs are mostly sponsored/donated from the generous public like your noble company. We need your kind and generous assistants in term for edible items. Knowing that your noble company produce/manufacturing fresh frozen chicken, we are seeking from your kind self of donation of edible food items, which our boys and girls prepared them daily for their lunch or dinner meals. We are in need on this edible food items. At present we have 117 boys, and 29 girls in our residential campus. We hope from your noble Company and Management will assist us kindly on this matter. I can be contacted at my at I hope Sir/Madam, that your kind self can direct me to the right person on this matter. Looking forward to your favorable reply. Thank you and God bless. Yours gratefully, Bro Stephen Tee, Public Affair, Montfort Youth Training Centre. Jln Lama Penampang-Papar, Kinarut, 88200 Kota Kinabalu. PO Box 612, 89507 Penampang, Sabah

Posted on 2014-07-18 01:00:35