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Let our customers receive quotations door interviews, way too far away how can I do?

I have just this to the industry in network marketing, received the day before yesterday in the online Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. Changsha inquiry, I sent them a fax offer, the other party so that we have interviewed said they do foreign trade, demand for relatively large Let us as soon as possible in the past. I pondered such a good thing, so a bit of your company online credit check, input ** Equipment Trading Co., Ltd. Changsha, not the company, through Want to find the company, company name displayed ** Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Trade Hunan Co., Ltd., I wonder, how the name is different, Want Want displayed ** Equipment Trading Co., Ltd. of Changsha, and click enter, to become ** Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. Hunan. And the two companies are not TrustPass members, still can not find credibility, how can I do? This company is not a liar then?

Posted on 2014-06-16 03:30:38

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I think, or be more careful, if it exists and it is a single volume, he must be will come to see plant, which is the normal standard of traders. From my point of view than to see him come factory, and then together to talk about, not that much better.

2014-06-16 03:30:38