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Faced with this company how to do the old Lai

Company Name: Jiangyin City ** New Material Technology Co., Ltd. owe us money when the company paid website: http://www .********. com / about.html you help the company forward in early March We made a batch of these bags, then payment is required to sign a contract hit 1 million deposit, the balance within one week of such goods to the end. Bags invoice amount is 25,678.12 yuan on March 20 sent the other company, but also owed 15,678.12 yuan. Now in August, the other invoices and goods have been received. The other arrangements we have been playing phone models reminder: phone 136 6786 **** surname Zhu (a company boss); phone 139 4008 **** named Charles (owner) Tel :0512-86 until 67 **** May said that until the end, we have been calling to urge the end, the other party did not answer the phone that is not to be next month, local phone calls, or wait until the end of July, said at the end. August 4 are now playing a day today has been not answer phone.

Posted on 2014-06-16 04:00:30

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If you are experienced in Alibaba, we recommend that you gather evidence to report the information to the complaint forum to report complaints. or to a secure page Alibaba integrity commissioner complaints be accepted.

2014-06-16 04:00:30