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Chongqing Changtai sales of daily necessities Co., Ltd. is a cheater company?

Chongqing Commodity Sales Co., Ltd. Changtai not Paypal, refused to express the collection, I would not transfer, 20% agreed that the first exchange, and other goods to and then pay 80% of the money I had that day, today is the arrival of that good day, who am called a courier called to say the goods must have been to Nanjing, the balance of the seller only to the delivery of goods exchange in the past, so much hung up, I went to ask the seller has turned down the other side he could not estimate a mistake now only in order to get the goods before payment, express delivery company's name and invoice number does not tell me then simply phone does not pick up. This is not the face of impostor?

Posted on 2014-06-16 06:31:25

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Kind of problem you can go to the Security page Alibaba credit business credit check post to report complaints or to ask com/forum/threadList/115_.html Commissioner will be accepted.

2014-06-16 06:31:25