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Buyers do not give shipping, asking me to add money!

I called a few days ago in Ali Baba ", Foshan City, Guangdong Province, ** Clothing Wholesale Co., Ltd.," the shop bought 12 pairs of sports shoes, I was just finishing his post-transfer (a total of 640 yuan), he told me it would I ship as soon as possible, but when I call him, he told me that the warehouse was not the packaging of 12 pairs of shoes, 24 pairs of shoes should I buy their package, give him make 640 yuan, he can immediately provide my delivery, I told them that I do not need 24 pairs of shoes, 12 pairs enough, they said it had to wait for the warehouse after packing 12 pairs shipped to me, and then I waited until now, and today is the first four days, did not give my delivery, I would like to ask me if I was cheated?

Posted on 2014-06-16 06:31:25

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Kind of problem you can go to the Security page Alibaba credit business credit check post to report complaints or to ask com/forum/threadList/115_.html Commissioner will be accepted.

2014-06-16 06:31:25