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3 fold from 500 yuan grant money directly to the wholesale Q

50 yuan mobile phone recharge cards directly to the wholesale discount Agent 3 3 fold from 500 yuan grant money does not support direct wholesale Alipay Q is fraud? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Posted on 2014-06-16 07:01:49

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Landlord, Hello! Read your paste, 99% are liars! Because it is a liar, they did not dare to use Alipay payment! To Baidu forum a check can be like this check scam! All interpretations very detailed! some cheat to make you not watch him, and said to give you 30% of the deposit and then cash on delivery, online there are many such cases, paid the 30% of the money, get the goods that password locked , the seller and the buyer will have to resort to how much how much money to give the password, some buyers not willing to pay a deposit, and hope to fight money to the seller to inform the password again and again, the more money the buyer cheated , the more unwilling, liar is heartless, as long as the lie be, he cares so much! online a lot of complaints! landlord not to go on such as the, the play is a lie, if the prepaid card really that big profits, and that mobile companies to eat? lot of crooks will find reason to say, is moving inside the company knew, by the relationship Nachulaimai, and asked why not pay the payment of treasure, they will find an excuse that the people because of the wholesale too much to cash flow but there is another reason that, because the card is out through relations, is against the law, I do not use Paypal, to hear this reason, the buyer beware to relax, but also that reasonable, slowly to the seller when the! this is I read, possibly semantic expression is not very clear, to remind the landlord again, not so cheap prepaid card, not fools!

2014-06-16 07:01:49