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Written support Alipay said, but I asked the seller can not pay the treasure it?

Have been verified and is not verified I have asked, and are written to support Paypal, but they are so direct remittances, this is the right to trade up, is not a lie ah?

Posted on 2014-06-16 08:03:28

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Many members of Alibaba Alipay release information is used to make their own top-ranking, but the really deal, they will feel with the slow Alipay money transactions. Many shareholders of many large companies every day of the financial verification of income and expenditures, as well as use Paypal, we have to wait until after the buyer receives the goods to receive payment, which for large companies like not very reasonable, every company needs a certain degree of liquidity. Companies doing business in Alibaba are very honest, I often do business in the Ali Baba, I am also TrustPass members. Every day we are playing through a bank doing business in the form of money. But some companies do not rule out a bad reputation, after receiving payment so you do not give you a delivery or to trade them through your chat history saved, if you really do not speak reputation can sue him.

2014-06-16 08:03:26