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Goods not made that money back, had never retired, how do

July 6, 2009 *** I {Umbrella Industrial Co., Ltd. Heshan City} set the 100 couples umbrella contract at the same time pay the deposit of 1,000 yuan, then the other side that did not receive. Son, etc. I gave him the money order and said found out, the banking system error. Goods, said the contract period is 15 days. To the July 20 delivery, but by August 1 or no fat. I urge each other, he is very angry. August 2, said unsubscribe payments to you, do not reflect the retreat now. I went to the urging, he said, "rest assured, will" re-call, he said, "wait." Until now still not back. Leaving aside the Heshan {} *** Umbrella Industrial Co., Ltd. is a liar now how can I do, thank you! Umbrella Industrial Co., Ltd. Heshan still ** *** Mr. (General Manager) Tel: 86075082 *** 18 Mobile: 138 **** 4117 Fax: 86075082 *** 28 Address: Jianshe Road, Taoyuan Town, Heshan City 22 Code: 523000

Posted on 2014-06-16 18:01:10

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Such problems suggest that you gather evidence to report the information to the complaint forum to report complaints. or to a secure page Alibaba integrity commissioner complaints be accepted.

2014-06-16 18:01:10