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Liar Jiangyin City ** New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is also owed to the goods is not how to do? ? ?

Jiangyin City ** New Material Technology Co., Ltd. liar you help forward early March the company made a batch of our bags, when payment is required to sign a contract hit 1 million deposit, the balance within one week of such goods to the end. Bags invoice amount is 25,678.12 yuan on March 20 sent the other company, but also owed 15,678.12 yuan. Now in August, the other invoices and goods have been received. The other arrangements we have been playing phone models reminder: phone 136 6786 **** surname Zhu (a company boss); phone 139 4008 **** named Charles (owner) said to go to the end of May to the end of the month we have been playing telephone reminders, the other is not no words to answer the phone next month, local phone calls, or wait until the end of July, said at the end. Recently they have not received a cell phone. Really encounter a rogue company. You help out a doctrine? ? ? ? What better way to return this money thank you

Posted on 2014-06-16 19:00:28

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The business world, things will certainly meet that you're not alone, but I think many people can be solved, as long as you be patient, they did not fall as long as the completion of the company, you have the opportunity to return the money he owed you, Under the present circumstances, is considered a drag on long enough time, and your client is also a man of honor too, so you do not need to revisit the sensibilities, I see you do this time you definitely do not want to give him second, so long as the money is to come back everything will be fine, you can give him a deadline, not too long, to OK the 15 days (15 days is his plan, and long have to think for themselves, and factory completion of this period is a normal thing down), bring your original copy of the contract so that they set themselves a trip to a written agreement, the time one got to pay, or face legal action by them (of course this is threatening their worst, a lawsuit is not playing) a moral dimension: the way you are very good exposure on the network that is a liar, so that those who pay the moral cost of loss of integrity, I hope you continue to expose. 2, the legal aspect: If the short distance between you and him, I suggest to go and visit, look at the field. If the procedure is complete, immediate prosecution.

2014-06-16 19:00:27