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Today liar to bite, how can I do?

It is this: two days ago there was a call from South ** Industrial Company, said they were looking for new products developed by an agent and asked if we are not interested? (Before I met such a liar, do not bother ) I say good! and then they put the information on what is recalled and a crystal ring sent over, and gave me a call that has been publicity surrounding cities in Tianjin, and so if someone linked to, and they communicate to the group . I say yeah! (I think you've seen the Internet before the things that sort of thing.) Today, what have the Director of troops called to say, what to buy the Italian crystal ring, so I sent samples to test him. Today, I sent him the sample (I use the SF to pay). After two days he had received positive orders with me, please you heroes out of the Lord, what a good way to make fun of what they gang of liars? ? ? ?

Posted on 2014-06-16 22:30:50

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To order the deposit is definitely the cheat to hook you thought you ah, I say no problem here, not much storage spot, you need to pick up a factory and then called a liar to the deposit to the number of casual bar to a 30% - 50% of more and more so he played and what your personal card and then do as you love to as long as the money would not be afraid he is not a liar

2014-06-16 22:30:50