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Want the integrity of the communication user, whether it be trusted to do so! ! !

August 4 was selected in the Want Want a display. With the dealer, one can buy, the other answer would be, plus shipping costs 20 yuan, Kuandaofahuo, because the other side of integrity through the user, there is no doubt a lot of the money to play later, phone call the other side, the other tells PM two shipments, but more than three when asked again whether to issue stock. The other answer, to send along with 5, you can cash on delivery, and asked why the other party to the hair as long as a 5, they do not answer, ask, the person said to have a bill, and issued, with his theory, as long as a single, the other not answer, just tell arrived Aug. 6, Aug. 6 morning. Have the phone that I ordered the goods have arrived, but if you want me to pay 1000 yuan deposit, or do not give goods, reason not to answer the question, then request a refund, the caller said, after 26, ask the other party actually to answer, how willing on how to sample it, I ask, whether the credibility of faith through trusted users, whether on behalf of Wang Wang's image, paying the money I could get back to you, Want Want can I call the shots, to help me get back by trade credit Guizhan cheated customers money, if not, then I speechless, and only left with disappointment

Posted on 2014-06-17 00:30:18

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Want Alibaba chat tool, do you mean by Ali Want to communicate with each other is not it? You put a chat between you and the other information on the screenshot, and then to report complaints forum to report complaints. or to a secure page Alibaba complaints integrity commissioner would be accepted.

2014-06-17 00:30:18