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Alibaba off Q 4 coins is true?

Alibaba off Q 4 coins is true or false? There are 3. Several fold. Integrity Messenger users can believe it? Why not accept the payment of treasure? Such an interpretation we have no experience, or have no experience of disadvantage? "Our business is to do the country and game every day billing company personnel and mobile phone recharge cards game cards are virtual products, customers must confirm the payment will treasure for a few days can not be credited into account financial need time charge in the payment of large sums of money Po good money online without money flow is very inconvenient so we can only ship finance banks can not pay the invoice "

Posted on 2014-06-17 10:00:18

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Is true, this is a relationship between people to get the goods, but I generally do not want that, not the letter, I hesitated many times

2014-06-17 10:00:18