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Will the potential buyers from being cheated Alibaba how complaints

Ten days ago, I ** Science and Technology Trading Company Dongguan City, buy a Canon camera and Haier washing machines, a total of 1,630 yuan, Zhang * salesman told me the company made two days after the take along truck over two days, some people play to tell me the goods have to say that tax products, fearing that I find business people buckle his goods, said the company called me to his open post 1,420 yuan after tax, then I have not got no more money to fight 1300 yuan, the company said Zhang * immediately to allow the driver to send the goods over, and let the driver to 1,300 yuan on the spot back to me, I call to the driver, the driver said he was on board other people's goods, for fear I get the goods, from business people looking for it to hold back, let me give his company to pay 2,000 yuan deposit, then that is not reliable just like Zhang * request to return, he then said, well, the company said Nov. 20 closing that he has applied for a refund 2,860 yuan for me, that I turned 20, but today is 20, I call him, phone has been shut down, playing plane no answer, I then feel cheated, and can be His phone line is still the company page, how can I change the complaints, how to recover my money.

Posted on 2014-06-20 03:30:35

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This money making company in Alibaba in many cases already reported, you can kind of problem to Ali complaint data to suggest that you gather evidence to report complaints forum to report complaints. or to a secure page Alibaba integrity commissioner complaints be accepted. Tips: to determine whether a company reliable. First of all, should be analyzed to determine their online registration information and the existing supply and demand information, such as whether the business full specification, a complete business name should contain three parts, first, whether registered in their respective administrative Quhuadiming; after the font size to see whether the norms, honored some of the general operation with one or two main business name, such as "Ali Baba network technology," Alibaba is a number, network technology, the main industry; then is to have a form of organization. If limited company or limited liability companies or joint stock company. Should try to choose a canonical name of the company to conduct online transactions. Meanwhile, enterprises should pay attention to the registered business address is marked with clear and specific, and fixed office phone are consistent with Registrar of Companies, as well as phone numbers prior to 7 whether the segment belongs to line of business, would not match the alarming. In addition, from the scope of business to analyze and judge, as a small business, but the operating range is varied, in addition to trafficking in human beings and the earth is not beyond what is business, do not see what he is in what the main business or engage in both self-management of goods, but also prohibit or restrict the operation of the product (there is no related license certificate). Note that online businesses to see whether there is legally registered business license and other operating procedures, and necessary for the verification can be some of the authority of the government through public site or local business site for details. The safest way is to check the legality of the business sector through registration and annual survival. If site enterprises can also refer to whether there are operational site ICP record. Online trading recommendations Ali TrustPass members preferred because TrustPass members is the result of independent Azerbaijan from third-party certification bodies Baba had real legal certification of enterprises, should be relatively reliable. Note that if the counterparty identification system to verify the legal representative of the enterprise or person in charge of handling each transaction must be at least enterprises authorized to trade on behalf of the people. In addition to the first transaction of the counterparty to verify the legal existence of the main is the truth, but also pay attention to whether the authentic identity of the contact, nor is cheap trap of ignoring the reserve price supply and demand information and other necessary risk. With the counterparty prior communication process, should try to find out the basic situation and know how to discover and pay attention to how the integrity, do not listen to any rhetoric, honesty is reflected by the transactions, not by mouth to tell you, we must prevent to trap errors when the pie! Stage in specific transactions, whether sale of the size, pay attention to keep the relevant information, and identification of a written agreement, the specific transactions expressly agreed well each other's name or the name and address of the object of the contract, specifications, quantity, unit price, quality, time and place of discharge ,, payment time and method of payment, breach of contract and methods of dispute resolution provisions of the contract is necessary, unless the sale and purchase transactions are settled immediately available without a contract. Avoid hasty transfer the money to personal accounts, unless the company confirmed that. Ali online transactions, we should try to choose Alipay settlement transactions, and in strict accordance with the steps required for confirmation of their payment settlement.

2014-06-20 03:30:34