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Sellers pay a deposit first and then ship safe?

Sellers pay a deposit first and then ship, safe?

Posted on 2014-06-21 15:30:38

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You can ask the seller to pay to use Alipay, the deposit does not exist this way the problem! Your problem is not very clear. Pay a deposit can ship it to your factory conditions has been very good for your money and shipping is not very safe ah not too much have to know the balance on how well the seller to pay the judgments that depends on your whether the integrity of the seller, the purchase of products and manufacturers for product quality assessment, everyone says, and it certainly can not go wrong, like our brand of machine, most of the time full payment before delivery, the modern enterprise, rely on is the integrity of the volume of your life ~ to see how much the amount, the large number of sellers have to consider more than the amount of risk, ah, first check the creditworthiness of the seller to pay some deposit first and then shipped, this is a business practice, the seller is to protect their own interests, buyers can now pay Taobao Ali or treasure, high safety, or the use of logistics companies on behalf of the collection of business, after the loan upon receipt of the goods to the seller. 1, see the seller is not registered business units, known how, 2, pay a deposit before the contract should be signed, and the other must be the company account receivable account is money you are going to the public. 3, the records of all telephone fax remittance to be saved. 4, the above can not be guaranteed not to be cheated, but at least the possibility of being cheated will be lower. If you are shopping on Taobao, can rest assured that the money hit Alipay, the satisfaction after receiving confirmed payment; but if it is in Alibaba, and we should carefully examine the seller's situation, such as has not registration, license has not expired, as well as credit, etc., in case there is no problem you can first hit, but would likely buyer would be best to first visit some companies.

2014-06-21 15:30:38