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Good day; Is this company exist on 28/January 2011 I sent him 120USD for a Fuel saving kit from PHILIPPINE but I cano not get the kit and he disappear from all contact. i need your HELP bernard HICUBURUNDI Mobile: +25779942942 E-mail:

Posted on 2014-06-22 02:30:21

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Being Scammed can be avoided! Dear all buyers! as you know, there are so many scammers, but how can we stop us from being scammed? It can become true if you get our help. And If you are not sure of your supplier either, you can contact us too. please contact us at: Email & MSN:

2014-06-22 02:30:21

it's a free website. it seems like a fraud Modified by Yang Li on 15-02-2011 22:29 Modified by Yang Li on 15-02-2011 22:31

2014-06-22 02:30:21

The MSN and E-mail address is I am new user on alibaba and was looking for a fuel saving kit because the petrol prise is very HIGH. this man sent me an invoice and sent money by WESTERNUNION NO tracking number nothing till now

2014-06-22 02:30:21

Can't find the contact information from website. I suggest you ask Alibaba Expert.

2014-06-22 02:30:21