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is this company exist

Good day i sent 120USD to this company fpr buying a fuel saving device but since they got my money i can not reach them again. the company URL is from alibaba ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for reporting the case. Please be informed that ended's membership. And we have also responded to you via email about this result.

Posted on 2014-07-21 03:02:01

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It Is Possible Not to Be Scammed! Dear all buyers, there are too many scammers here. How can you do business successfully but not be scammed? What shall you do if you cannot make sure whether the supplier is real or not? How can the business activity become easier? Well, you can come to us. We can do that for you by contacting us at: Email & MSN:

2014-07-21 03:02:00

Dear Mr. HICUBURUNDI Bernard, Thanks for alerting us to your complaint. Carol from the Online Security Department has been assigned to look into your complaint. An email has also been sent to your registered email address asking for more details. Please check your inbox and respond as soon as possible so we can initiate the complaint review and resolution process. Our complaints resolution process is as follows: 1. Acknowledge complaint received from buyer 2. Request detailed evidence from buyer 3. Request detailed evidence from supplier 4. Resolve the complaint 4. Resolve the complaint - If it is a verified fraud case, the supplier's account will be removed. - If it is a normal trade dispute, we encourage both parties to work together on a resolution. For background, is not authorized to play the role of a judge or arbitrator in cases of normal trade disputes. is not capable of imposing and enforcing any meaningful penalty or action on any parties in regard to a normal trade dispute. If the supplier's account is cancelled due to your complaint, you might be eligible for a refund from our Fair Play Fund. For details on this program, please visit:

2014-07-21 03:02:01

I can't see anything from the URL of alibaba. You can ask ALibaba Expert

2014-07-21 03:02:01