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About buyer protection

There are Fair Play Fund in! It is very good service. If you are deceived and you have damage you can report about this to securuty sevice and You have chance refund your money back. Thank you for they service and buyer prtection! Supply cheted me and take my money! I have report then Fair Play Fund cover my damage! I am grateful and Fair Play Fund for there honest and very good service!

Posted on 2013-02-14 23:45:54

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Thanks Maqsud for your Testimonial, it is as a candle light and as a twinkle star in the dark cloud sky at Alibaba portal, let the public know this 'Goodwill' from Alibaba as buyer-protection, although the fraud's cheating is not done by Alibaba itself. which mostly of peoples do not really understand and accept this fact. However to redeem the systemic impact and to show the social responsibility /CSR. Still Alibaba make it happened, a refund to the victim of frauds from paid-members of Alibaba. in a program of 'Fair Play Fund'. May this spirit of Fair Play Fund will go further to be as a kind of "Insurance"-institution of 'Failed transaction" in trade that not using 'ESCROW' protection in transaction. it can be as due to : fail -delivery, cheating-cases, un-satisfaction quality, unpaid-goods. etc

2013-02-14 23:45:54

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