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GANN MEMORIALS, LLC scammers!!! Afraid they!

I make prepaid of $1950 via WU to his brother's name, they must ship me 7 iPhones and iPad, after that i must send them rest $1000 via Western Union. They are gold suppliers and i thought that i can trust them. When i make prepaid, they said that they want a rest today.They sent me a fake edited on computer PI. There is $3950! Not $2950 like before. After he sent me a fake photo with products, he got it in internet. The full situation is in attached e-mails. They have broken our negatiations. I think that they are scammers. They don't reply me, i want my money back. What i should to do?

Posted on 2013-02-15 00:56:05

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I am interested in knowing what happens as I was in contact with them too. please keep us updated

2013-02-15 00:56:05

Don't send them money, because they will say that a little problem happened I send them half price, and they said that they want a rest sum today. I sais that i want my money back, after they went away with my money. It was payment with Western Union. One advice:don't try to buy new iphone for 400$ on alibaba and don't make a payment with WU

2013-02-15 00:56:05

Sorry to hear that victor But the truth is that if youu paid them for original ,new and authentic iphone then you are scammed for sure we put lots of posts making people aware of brand products scam cases from china.. Friend its unknown truth thet apart from being manufacturing unit of lots of branded goods china is not good market for branded products due to its high tax on them .. I am in china for more then 4 years , and in trading for 3 years and even me cant find iphone from chinese market for less then 750-900 usd ... trust me its a fact .. All supplier here claiming they will sell you iphone at 100-400 is nothing but a scam . Either you are going to get a fake repllica /copy of iphone which wont pass through your custom and they will say your goods seized by customs. Or you are not going to get anythings ... Read safe trading posts , that will guide you with it regards

2013-02-15 00:56:05

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2013-02-15 00:56:05