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Bank transfer = suspicious company?

Hi there! I agreed with the seller several things like: 1) 50/50 payment 2) Sharing bank transfer transaction costs Since there were weekend and holidays in China and they were not able to confirm my payment sooner I got 3 orders more and asked the is it possible to add this to the package and I'll pay later. Seller was agree with this, but when he got the payment (it was not full sum, it was 24usd less bank transaction fees...but we agreed this before that we share costs) he said he won't send the packge out because now he wants 100% prepayment. Finally he offered 60/40 payment but to be honest, I do not trust him anymore after acting like this... He of course don't use Paypal which would protect me as well. When I make a payment thorough bank and he is scammer I just loose my money but it is big money for me now... Any solution or suggestion?

Posted on 2013-02-15 00:56:19

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hi there im in the same postion we agreed 30%dep then balance on arrival  my bank saying funds hit there account but there saying funds not there  and wont send good till they get 30 % there telling me to put more money in   hard when order was 8000 usd  dont want to loose the whole 8 g if she is a scammer    be careful of shelly chen trading as hk new century motorcycles co.,ltd     hope we can both get what we were after        good luck

2013-02-15 00:56:19

Hey Matt, gan you give me your contacts, lets take these cases to Police.

2013-02-15 00:56:19