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Seller sent me expired Alkaline batteries, now what to do to get full refund from seller?

Hi my all dears, I want to share my first time bad experience with a buyer on Aliexpress. I would be thankful to you all if you guide me as I can recover my loss. I placed an order of alkaline batteries AA and AAA size quantity about 500 blisters and I received all batteries but I was shocked when I checked: 1- Their expire date "BEST BEFORE FEB 2011" 2- Blister packing was very very poor, packs not sealed properly and most of packing card torn due to poor packing quality I seen many batteries out of packets. 3- Also some printing mistake on packets Still I haven't informed seller neither opened a dispute because I first want your suggestions regarding this issue as I can open the dispute. I am new to Aliexpress so not aware for most of policies, hope you guys help me. I will contact the seller for this issue, he/she may be deny for full refund, what next? Suppose I open the dispute against the seller for full refund (because I can't sell expired batteries) then how Dispute team will help me according to policies? After dispute seller may be agree for full refund but in that condition he may ask to send all expired batteries back to him, then it will be very costly to ship all batteries (from Australia to China). It will be again big loss for me, so what can I do in that condition? Even it is totally seller's cheating/fraud that he sent me expired batteries then How I will be responsible to send all batteries back to him on my own expenses. Please suggest me any solution as I can get full refund from seller. Thanks to all

Posted on 2013-02-15 00:56:43

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Dear Jack Donald, This is Cherry from Online Security Department of We are sorry to hear that you have experienced a trade dispute on our website. However, please kindly note all complaints and responses must be submitted through our complaint center. You are warmly suggested to take following steps: First, go to our complaint center at Second, sign in with your account and password (The account you used to contact the complained member). Third, fill and submit your complaint. If you already submitted your complaint, please respond to us and learn updates through complaint center directly. It’s unnecessary for you to submit a new complaint. After receiving your complaint, we will look into your dispute and take serious investigation for this case. Our resolution process is as follows: 1. Acknowledge complaint received from buyer 2. Request detailed evidence from buyer 3. Request detailed evidence from supplier 4. Resolve the complaint - If it's a normal trade dispute, we encourage both parties to settle it in good terms - If it's a fraud case, the supplier's account will be suspended or cancelled. Your cooperation will be highly appreciated. Sincerely yours, Cherry Online Security Department of

2013-02-15 00:56:43