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Thank you again and beleive me I trust

My name is Hashim Salim Ghanim and I would like to express my feelings about Fair Play Fund. I was cheated by a company in China who was a gold member in on August 17, 2010. After knowing that I have been cheated, I immediately reported my case to securuty in which they asked me some questions about the incident and they requested to provide proof which I think is very fair. Few days after they have studied my case and found that its true I was cheated, they started taking action immediately and the first good thing they did was closing down the supplier website in which I think it was a very smart thing to do before some else false on the trap. I was happy to see the supplier's website blocked but I was thinking how to get my money which I was cheated for. Thanks God only few days after, I received an email from Alibaba Fair Play Fund which I didnt know about it asking me to provide my account details so they may refund my money back. Actually I am very happy that on September 26, 2010 my money was sent to my account. I would like to share this great story with my dear business men who are dealing with Alibaba and I would like also to thank Fair Play Fund for all help they have done to me and I beleive this will have a very good impact on truely its a professional business platfoam which have made many entrepreneurs, business men and business women a success. Thank you again and beleive me I trust than any other business platfoam in the world. Best regards, Hashim Salim Ghanim

Posted on 2013-02-15 00:57:10

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you are so luck!!

2013-02-15 00:57:10