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What is Fair Play Fund?

I heard that alibaba have a new service named Fair Play Fund, who can tell me what exactly is it? I heard that if you are scammed by alibaba gold suppliers you will get paid by alibaba, is it ture? how can I get paid? How much they will paid???? I am very urgent to know this, thanks a lot you guys~!

Posted on 2013-02-15 01:04:47

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Fair Play Fund's Commitment to Buyer Protection is committed to safe trade and the protection of the millions of buyers sourcing on our award-winning online trade platform. During the past 2 years we have launched a series of buyer protection projects, including a supplier black-listing policy and secure escrow service to protect online payments. In an unprecedented step to increase our users’ confidence, has also voluntarily created a Fair Play Fund to help offset losses suffered by a small proportion of buyers who were defrauded by paid members on The Fair Play Fund initially covers fraud disputes between buyers and China-based Gold Suppliers from 2009 and going forward. Fair Play Fund FAQ Q1: Can I claim from the Fair Play Fund? Claimants must first present a substantiated complaint resulting in the removal of a China Gold Supplier from our website before they are eligible for a payout from the Fair Play Fund. The Fair Play Fund is made up of forfeited membership fees from removed China Gold Suppliers. However, if the forfeited fee from a banned China Gold Supplier has already been used up, no further claims can be paid out. Q2: How much can I claim from the Fair Play Fund? Claimants with losses of US $1,400 or less are eligible for 70% of the amount lost. Claimants with losses greater than US $1,400 will receive a maximum of US $1,000. Q3: What if the claim is against a Global Gold Supplier or Free Member? At present, our Fair Play Fund only covers fraud claims against China Gold Suppliers. We intend to eventually broaden the Fair Play Fund to include disputes against Global Gold Suppliers in the future. Q4: If the China Gold Supplier I am making a claim against is not removed from, can I still get compensation? No, because forfeited fees from the banned China Gold Supplier in question are the source of any payouts from our Fair Play Fund. If the China Gold Supplier in question has not been banned, there will be no money in the fund to pay claims. Q5: I want to complain but I lost some or all the evidence To process claims fairly, we need to verify complaints by checking all supporting evidence. If you have lost important evidence, it is difficult for us to look into your case. Get more info here: Modified by Mr Jack on 14-07-2010 20:37

2013-02-15 01:04:47

heeeyy alibaba help me please, i want my money back :(

2013-02-15 01:04:47

I have got money from them so they are not one of scammer. You can trust the safe play fund if all of the condition clear.

2013-02-15 01:04:47

can't you guys see that this whole site is a scam!! There is no safe fund--this page was made up by one of the scammers.

2013-02-15 01:04:47