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Nepson Technology Co., Limited is big scammer. is fraud company.

Nepson Technology Co., Limited who has a web site is big scammer. They have replied my email via alibaba and asked me to send the money via Western Union. I have sent them 550 USD and never received my item. I am waiting more than 1 month and they don't reply my emails. The have a website , these people ar big scammer. If you look carefull they don't have a company address and company telephone number. If you know how I can get my money back from, please inform me.

Posted on 2013-02-15 01:22:49

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Hello there   I'm sorry to read that you've lost your money.  From reviewing the many horror stories here, I do believe that serves as a most appropriate name for this website - for as in Ali Baba's cave, that you're likely to find treasure there, but just as likely to be robbed (scammed) by the forty thieves.   A trusting relationship between importer and exporter cannot be over-emphasised, but as in any successful relationship, it takes genuine time and effort to establish.  If you're seeking to make a mutually beneficial relationship with an overseas contact, do your independant research, spend the time, a great deal of energy and some of your own money to convince yourself that you'd REALLY like to do business with the prospective contact.   Approach the Chambers of Commerce in those countries, your country's embassies or overseas trade offices there, your country's professional import/export association, etc. etc.  The reception to your enquiries that you'd get from these organisations would be welcoming and help forthcoming.  And it won't cost you an arm and a leg either.  But be as specific and focussed with your enquiries as you can be - this'll also help establish your credibility and professionalism (to some extent), especially when making initial enquiries.   Only when you've done the hard yards, that you'd be ready to make any sort of payment, be it Letter of Credit (L/C), Documents Against Acceptance (D/A), Documents Against Payment (D/P), etc. WITH THE HELP OF YOUR BANK.  The use of Telegraphic Transfers (T/T), Western Union and Moneygrams is risky - as unfortunately, you've already found out.  These later forms of payment though, are generally reserved for personal uses, like sending money to your (overseas) relative, or intra-company transactions, whereby the sender and receiver work for the same company and possibly, know each other.   When the time comes and you're successful, you might find that you were in the wrong cave afterall.  I do wish you every success in your future import/export dealings.   Regards Tom McKeown MAIEx MCES Modified by Thomas McKeown on 10-01-2011 18:41

2013-02-15 01:22:49

The best way to identify a fraudster is to insist that you will pay using Paypal or Aliexpress escrow. They will insist on wiretransfer, Western Union or Money Gram. Insist again on your suggested method and, most likely, you will never hear from them again.   Be careful, test them to safegaurd your money.

2013-02-15 01:22:49

Thanks, I got a mail from this nepson dot com, signed by "Maggy" .   May I present you our etc...   China Nepson Co., Ltd Our webste: nepson dot com My MAIL: nepson . maggy   But all alarm bells should be ringing when you get such a mail. In Dutch "NEP"  means cheat :)     I have the same fraudulous experience with: SHENZHEN YOZO GROUP   Website: yozousc dot com They have a complete address on their website but we did not found anything on the address   They found us when we made a request in alibaba, ordered 1800 usb sticks, paid it and got the information by mail that the company had an accident and might go bankcrupt and not be able to deliver eather to return the paid amount. We immediately went to the above mentioned address in Shenzhen on their website, but did not find the company on the address and nobody in the building knew the company. 1 week later they  offered us to accept 500 USB 16 GB to solve our problem, but since the company does not exists, we think it is a fake company and fake URL on Alibaba too. Again a day later they promised to send us 350 USB's 32 GB as compensation We have the name of the person we paid to   Reported it to Alibaba, but because this company was no member, though they answered after an offer request in Alibaba, Alibaba did not give the electronic possibility to Submit the form. Furthermore we informed Dutch embassy in Kanton and police in Shenzhen will be informed too.  

2013-02-15 01:22:49