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new scammer, Hai Di's Store, CHHAPPY.COM

Hi, I found many scammers on aliexpress. I think we have a new one? Have a look on his site. Price are to low to be true! Please be ware. Mind his contact details: Street Address: nan yang City: he nan Country/Region: China (Mainland) yes offcourse .....

Posted on 2013-02-15 02:09:41

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hello lot of scammers at alibaba . advertising through alibaba and asks not to pay through alibaba . they provide fake tracking numbers make us to lose weeks of time and lot of effort on tracking as well as rejects refund requests. Why Alibaba unable to curb scammers? some easy steps could be followed by alibaba . These scam sites neighter accepts payment by credit card nor by paypal . they request payment through individual name. these scammers how belive a buyer from another country would pay to unknown individual name to transfer money. the scammers claim they have lot of taxes on export. Alibaba to exercise care before anybody setup store , scammers do not have address , phone number, email id at store. alibaba should take care to protect international buyers.

2013-02-15 02:09:40

How to bring back honest money? The thief is known, why can not he go to jail? Cheating occurs because the administration of the site allows him to do.   haibo  first name is: Fanglast name is:  RenCity:BeijingCountry:ChinaPost code :100021 Modified by Sergey Balashov on 01-04-2011 02:20

2013-02-15 02:09:41