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Major not as described problem.

I have a complaint about a China supplier I found on this website. The goods supplied (camper trailers and tents) were of a very poor standard after the supplier and I sent hundreds of photos and emails etc, (to each other), to get it modified and correct.The goods quality are not as good as the photos sent. Is there anything I can do to put pressure on the supplier to give some compensation for such poor quality work. They said they had quality control. When I asked about this after the poor quality goods arrived they said it was because the factory was being shifted. I have since found out this is a lie. Where can I post this information to warn of this company and try to get some compensation. I have a large number of photos showing very poor workmanship and not as requested sizes etc etc.

Posted on 2013-02-15 02:10:06

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This is one of the biggest problems with buying site unseen you never really know what your getting until they arrive. I hope these are only samples that you have purchase and not a bulk order. Please notify alibaba of any problems that you are having and please post here the company name as well. People do deserve to make an infomred decision.

2013-02-15 02:10:06