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The role of white balance adjustment

Where "white balance" refers to a digital camera on the "white balance"

Posted on 2014-07-27 19:37:26

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The English name for the white balance White Balance. Object color generated due to projected changes in light color in different light situations capture the photos have different color temperature. Such as tungsten (light bulb) lighting of the environment, the picture may be yellowish, in general, CCD is no way the same as the human eye will automatically correct the light changes. Pictures with natural light, imposed after the white balance, image blue. If under the lights with the white balance, picture color tone will be restored to the state, the white balance of image characteristics according to the current picture and immediately adjust the image intensity of red, green and blue, to correct errors caused by external light. In addition to designing some of the camera auto white balance or a specific color temperature white balance function, also provides manual white balance adjustment. Balance is no matter how light, make a digital camera default "white", that is, let him recognize the white and other colors in the color balance of light colors. Color is essentially the interpretation of light, in normal light, the white stuff looks like the light in the dark looks may not be white, as well as fluorescent "white" is also "non-white." For all this if we can adjust the white balance, then the resulting photo will be able to correct the "white" as the color to restore the other colors. Now most of the commercial-grade digital cameras offer white balance adjustment function. As mentioned earlier, closely related to white balance with the ambient light, thus, start the white balance function should be restricted to use flash, or changes in ambient light will make the failure or interfere with the normal white balance white balance. There are many ordinary white balance mode, adapt to different scenes, such as: automatic white balance, white balance tungsten light, fluorescent white balance, indoor white balance, manual adjustment.

2014-07-27 19:37:26