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The first two words of the source of advice

Man named Chi square, southern Mobei. Italy frivolous young Shicai, Yang shot pride anger rain clouds, moon bow Zhang. Ling-feng passionate Italian, test history and a glorious sword. Toward the world, then greenish yellow, pointing Jiangshan joke, the emotional dust. Beauty through the ages smile, Castle Peak wind drunk. Windblown sand stone Look away for your heart, who in the month under the flute, like you white fluttering, tender beauty pretty village, that is, the word could not escape the situation, to be a Chivalrous Ye Hao

Posted on 2014-07-27 20:07:33

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The large imperial Imperial Eagle OST - Love Man Song: smiling Authors: Huang Liaoyuan Composer: Castle Peak Castle Peak wind drunk beauty through the ages smile, look away windblown sand stone heart for who you think you under the moon white fluttering flute village beauty is both gentle and love word could not escape to be a pretty Chivalrous Ye Hao love is not present and the promise is really silly answer is worldliness worldly promise may not get you the pride I Cemayangbian my red sky REPEAT do you swing the sword cut the Red sad world I would like to shed tears for you my horse travels thousands of miles chasing your dreams take back my wine drinking, drunk thousands of cups for you is the truth indulge a million cups Back to the arena of human laugh at me too crazy stupid tired they did not know I love your beauty

2014-07-27 20:07:33