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"Name" originated from when?

The world's first "name" originated from when?

Posted on 2014-07-27 20:07:47

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The origin of the name comes from the name of various sages Xueyuan philosophical thinking, is China's national essence, the ancient technique referred to as a five-metaphysics, through constant development, the latter brought to Japan by China, Taiwan, in the fortune-telling in the name of science unique. Today's popular name of science, and health by the Japanese Kawasaki Bear Research and Development Mr. Wong, the study of names popular in Japan, known as a holy school, the name of science, like other life as there are different schools of learning, and some stressed the strokes, the five cell profile as some attention to determine the method name Jiuxing, images of method name and some focus. With the increased level of human culture, social interaction, business communication increasingly widespread, people's awareness of his name is gradually strengthening, hoping to use the name to improve their level and bring a lifetime of peace and happiness. Name not just a simple symbol, in the name of the back, there is a profound moral, cultural background, compared with the presence of ideas and ideals, there are individuals (companies) the strength of the show. Name not only to the character of a person's life, career, health, marriage, relationships, etc., but also for businesses, good name is a "big gold sign," is a permanent advertising business. New parents who want to play a lucky child, appropriate, deep meaning of the name, business to give himself up a catchy, good luck good name, in order to become a louder the more the brand name. Takes the name of science with easy to learn, literature, aesthetics, history, philology, psychology, etc., requires not only the images of a good name Ji, mathematical Kyrgyzstan, but also voice the United States, meaning the United States, physical beauty. There are many named the Book of Changes mathematics, yin and yang, the five cell profile as Generation name, purpose, pursuit, place of birth, color, style language, dreams of many hundreds of major commemoration, but the number of our most important reason I Ching, yin and yang, the five cell profile image. 1) Understanding the inter-frame structure of Chinese characters, and name mix, resulting in a visual sense of beauty. Single structure: water, month, the wayside. Down structure: the British, the saint, China and so on. About structure: Qian, Shi, vibration and so on. Right-right structure: trees, tear, and so on. Under the sub-structure of the SCO: cream, paid, Lin and so on. Under the joint structure on the sub: channel, Chi, Tsui and so on. Semi-enclosed structure: Marina, Hall, giant and so on. Full surround structure: Ya, round, Orchestra. Commodities word structure: crystal, Lei, forestry and so on. / P2) temperament, tone pronunciation differences are treble, bass, strong sound, light, the long sound, short sound, etc. should be noted that the name of a reasonable match. In 21 of the Hanyu Pinyin initials. 39 should have a profound grasp of finals, it was named play the role of friends. The same type as word initials similar effort in the call name pronunciation midnight. If identical or similar vowel, the call name of neutrons and easy mouthful, then named the lack of loud sounds nice in principle. Harmony and tone to sound like a musical auditory beauty. Makes easy to remember. Aftertaste, call The names of easy to read, loud and so on. Single-finals songs: one of peace and prosperity. The second tone Yang. Three times down the rise. Tones and shoved to the decline. Chinese four tones: flat Shangsheng Falling Yin Pingyang should pay attention to the tones in the named co-usage. 3) The phonetic pronunciation of the lower lip organs \u9236?\u9236?\u9236?on the upper lip under teeth teeth \u9236?\u9236?\u9236?hard soil gingival soft startle startle \u9236?\u9236?\u9236?Sheduan \u9236?Sheqian uvula tongue back \u9236?Department \u9236?Ministry of taste \u9237?throat \u9237\u20AC vocal throat \u9237?\u9237?oral tracheal \u9237?nasal cavity. Name as an organ composition should follow the characteristics of hair, only the name of exhaled clear, loud and easy to read, avoid hair laborious, convoluted and so on. Make love calls Mingzi by Mingzi better impression when you have a good impression. Easy to spread, full of rhythm beauty. 4) Avoid bad word to avoid adverse homophonic homophonic words, gives rise to indecent, gives rise to the feeling of indecent. Example: Zhang Wei, Liu Wei, Tin Wai are not homophonic, but Yang Wei (Yang, etc.) have undesirable harmonics. Example: Li Jia, Jia Xu will do, but Jia Wang (death house) on the bad. Give the parties undue psychological pressure, and easily become the laughing stock of style nickname. "Qing Mu class notes" record of the most famous homonym case "in the name of Empress Wang Guojun evil" piece of history, in the years wen Boshin into the soil, successful candidates included in the previous ten examination paper, Yu Lan Jin was, until the Yu Lan , the Empress and the sound of the words by Wang Guojun "Conquering Jun" the same, very unhappy, so it aside, ignored, by name as their talent can not homophonic play, missed a promising future.

2014-07-27 20:07:47