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I want to know Jin Yong fourteen dynasties depicted in the order book

For example, the Deer and the Cauldron is described by the Qing Dynasty - Kangxi's the story of others? According to order it?

Posted on 2014-07-28 00:14:12

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Tian Long Ba Bu Shen Diao Song Song Song Legend of the Condor late Yuan and Ming Yuan Kung Fu Bixue Jian Ming and Qing Qing Emperor Kangxi Book and Sword, Deer, Snow Fox, Feihuwaizhuan Yuanyang Dao Qing Qing Emperor Qianlong laugh seems to be proud of rivers and lakes are not highlighted in the Ming Dynasty warrior line, Deadly Secret (with the prefect of the officer, not later than the Ming Dynasty) talking about the arena thing, I do not know the age \u9427\u4ECB\u2508\u935F\u6B4C\u30BF\u690B?I have not seen, so I do not know.

2014-07-28 00:14:12