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Translation of human-Kam

Me a big favor ~ urgently

Posted on 2014-07-28 00:36:57

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To people as a mirror Code "non-attack in the eighth Mo": "Of old, is a good saying: 'One should not mirror the water, and mirror to others. Mirror in water, to meet the volume; mirror to people, you know Kyrgyzstan and fierce. '"" Song, Ouyang Xiu, Song Qi Volume ten Biography New Book of Tang Wei Zheng-second ":" copper as a mirror, can be positive or clothing Kou; to the ancient as a mirror, we can see Xing for; the human mirror, can be advantages and disadvantages. I try preserving the three-mirror, the defense has had. current Weizheng passed away, a Kam is dead. "Emperor Li Shimin hi listen to and good to take a variety of Offer, well versed in" Hear all, partial believe the dark "truth. The Minister Wei Zheng Zhijian had dozens of memorial, until Chen had persuaded Taizong should examine oneself and be prepared, Cha Naya words, Zeshanercong. Wei Zheng passed away after the death of Taizong visit of condolence, cried, sighed and said: "copper as a mirror, can wear when the dignified and neat; to history as a mirror, we can see dynasties since the fall of the rise and fall; 'to people as a mirror', impressive person moves to clear their gains and losses, I always ensure the three mirrors, in case already before. this Weizheng dead, I killed a mirror carry on. "" human mirror. " Represents an artificial reference. About their successes and failures, learn a lesson, so as to avoid making the same mistakes.

2014-07-28 00:36:57