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Cigarettes originated in when and where?

Cigarettes originated in when and where?

Posted on 2014-07-28 01:19:05

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Tobacco as a very strong life force, an extremely wide range of plant adaptation, the origin of it is so complicated and confusing, with many other things, it is difficult to rule out its origin, dualism or pluralism. The origin of the tobacco problem, there are a variety of claims have been. Tobacco originated in Africa that the United States linguist Wei Naer's "America and the discovery of America," a book that, like tobacco and many other edible plants, is a long time ago by the black Africans across the Atlantic from Africa to the Americas to go. Pipe smoking and use of African history than Columbus reached America as early as thousands of years. Because this argument is mainly to be confirmed from the linguistic, and archaeological materials, the lack of reliable support for a long time people will not get support. Tobacco originated in Egypt, said this statement from the Egyptian archaeologists discovered the ancient Middle Kingdom Egyptian tomb of Pharaoh "unearthed a number of clay pipe." "These tombs built in the 22 century BC to the 18th century BC", "The discovery of the ceramic pipe is the world's proven ancient Egyptians were the first smoke of the nation." The failure to see the full results of research or archaeological reports, international academic community has not seen the comments on the report, so this argument can only say it as a new. Mongolia, said the tobacco origin of this expression can be charged to American scholar Walter "oriental tobacco," a book to represent, according to anthropological study that the tobacco originated in Mongolia, the reason is that Native American Indians from Asia, the Mongolian race that smoking should be the world's first mainland Chinese and East Asian Mongols; they may be glacial period 15,000 to 20,000 years ago, with cigarette smoking habits and the use of seeds from Siberia across the Bering Strait land bridge to Alaska, then scattered throughout the Americas. Later, the tobacco but also by the European return to China. Tobacco originated in China, said in recent years, some of our colleagues in the tobacco industry and the compilation of the history of the local tobacco tobacco blog, the use of tobacco in China is only 400 years of history, challenged this view, and boldly put forward the "tobacco from China or Mongolia, "the point of view. It is currently only cultivated safflower cultivation of tobacco and Nicotiana rustica. The two species have mastered the material from the current view, the American was removed by quarantine. But China also has wild tobacco, such as "Southern Yunnan Materia Medica" written in the "wild tobacco" is an example. Mianzhu so many places in Sichuan, there are still called "wild tobacco," the weeds, and its similarity with the tobacco leaf shape, plant small, foliage slightly lighter, but did not find someone as a substitute for smoking tobacco . In addition, material that: Songshan in Henan tree-lined tray in a wild herb, shape much like the tobacco, the locals have picked, smoke habits. The distribution of plants in the Qinling Mountains are also the so-called Mountain of such reference refers to the roots of plants, the roots of toxic, can not take. Also in the area of Xishuangbanna in southern Yunnan and the distribution of a perennial wild tobacco, disease and insect resistance performance is good. Although the survey research is not complete, but it can believe in the Asian tropics and sub-tropical and temperate regions of China may be the native tobacco plant distribution. It was found that "Lady Zhaojun" angel of murals in the suite to install smoke was carrying a bag. In the December 20, 1939 issue of "Zhang communication" semimonthly, said: "China has planted tobacco as early as the Han dynasty ago. To the Han dynasty, officials have set up specifically to deal with taxation." It was also contained, when the three wise The South led his army, the soldiers were infected with malaria, local residents sent clouds vanilla leek leaves, burning learn to drive their cigarette malaria drugs. Yun Shan Gan vanilla was later transplanted area, has become a local home-grown tobacco. Lanzhou is famous hookah smoke produced by a local flower, farmers said the yellow smoke cloud vanilla leek leaf. Areas of the famous air-cured Yanzhou, Shandong, Henan and other places Deng County farmers that they now grow tobacco, that is, when the three wise to avoid the miasma of the cloud of vanilla, followed by cultivation of domesticated from wild tobacco smoke evolved into today's airing. Tang Dynasty poet Liu Yuxi wrote in exile reflects smoking Minorities "Zhuzhici": "thin-pass pipe whip, the two fell in love with Mo leakage. Swallow mud port bear the title, Caner pull wire in the belly." Li Jing Yuan Dade seven years (AD 1303) wrote "The Cloud Nanzhi Strategy," it reads: gold teeth per Yi (today Dehong Dai and Jingpo) a "customs and habits of tobacco chewing." Clearly, these are earlier than Columbus discovered tobacco in 1492.

2014-07-28 01:19:05