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Demand on the pair couplet?

The Union: Scholars do is present the second line of myopia :......

Posted on 2014-07-28 01:19:15

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Too much, choose their own bar 1) big guys by the fire ignition 2) today was to make advanced trap 3) it is fixed when the poem is the story of 4) is the ancient story of solid poetry 5) Yi Bing Bing prison be encountered disease 6) kidney pain even through supernatural prodigy 7) Master wantonly killed a large lion 8) throw lifts Giants held repudiation 9) people who still know the history of 10) seventy knights oath uprising 11) Once-Western-style wedding vow learning 12) Doctors Hospital World one o'clock I, 13), loss of consciousness, MD, one o'clock 14) To help pedantic Yu Fu Yu Fu 15) recognized beauty married off his family 16) who fell down when the time'd feces 17) error when the fifty-warrior villain 18) thirty boss arbitrarily applied 19 good things) are the county Quarters Jun Wei Jun Wei 20) \u95C6\u8235\u6902 consular temporary death 21), the whole world wide interpretation of the history of all 22) Bai Bai He Lily white drink 23) and eventually became a loyal Zhong Cheng Zhong was 24), Wang is still recognized when people 25) the city seized the opportunity to succeed chenshi 26) guise of the beggar who is a damn 27) chenshi city seized the opportunity to succeed 28) clearly show when the teacher name celebrities 29) Haishi or kill 30 sea lions) near the time by the teachers of what was actually 31) medical books medicine Art is already 32) smoke along the eaves Yan Yan Yan eyes flooded 33) West Lake Xihu Xihu tin 34) branches of a tree fork fork fork inserted plug panties poor 35) Noon ignore the shaman warrior 36) wound together on the river where the monk Business 37) nine old Ten things correcting a wine 38) the loss of sixty garnet passage 39)-bit micro with fear of a critical situation Bureau 40) case of Xiao Yu Xiao laughed fish and fisheries 41) towards the copy Cao Chao Chao Chao Chao

2014-07-28 01:19:15