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Please help me fill in verse

1. Chunchao rain late to acute ,____________ 2. It is a good scenery of Jiangnan ,____________ 3. Du Li, Chuan ,____________ Psalm vancomycin 4 times in the press pack slipped ,____________ Nocturne 5. Every Generation there is talent out ,____________

Posted on 2014-07-28 01:19:15

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Torrents of Spring rain late to worry about, Nowata no boat from the horizontal "Chuzhou West Stream" Yingwu is a good view south, falling season has stimulated jun "Jiangnan Li turtles every year," Li Bai and Du Fu poems eternal mass, has been felt not fresh "Poems (b)" Nocturne in the news this off Zhao Yi Liu, who can not afford to hometown feeling "Spring Night Los Angeles News Flute", Li Baijiang Hill on behalf of the talented people out, the leading position for hundreds of years "Poems ( b) ", Zhao Yi

2014-07-28 01:19:15