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Let us talk about a language problem answers

"Biography of General Li" in contrast with the image of the relationship between Guang characters are () a. Cai Li, Cheng did not know b. c. d. Huns in the elegant great general Wei Qing Condor who d. more than entitled to this option, please list the correct option

Posted on 2014-07-28 01:19:22

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Transmission in the Guang, a soldier soldier Yan Guang Song, b-phase medium wide qualification Monkey talented names but no thanks Monkey c Emperor Le Sino-wide learning and elegant soldiers from the Huns attack, does not constitute a comparison, this example can only illustrate Guang war, not war in the elegant but is normal. d he shot wide from the three-person body, killing the two, students have one, fruit Legend of the Condor Huns who also does not constitute a contrast. e does not constitute a transfer in Guang contrast. Records of the description Weiqing many, but not directly in contrast with the Guang. Later famous "Weiqing unbeaten edge Tianxing, Li difficult to blame a few odd letters" because Wei Qing, Huo fellow generals and put Tianxing Weiqing who mistakenly added. The strange thing is the number of Records with the Guang compare the obviously odd Cai Li, "the beginning of extension and wide from the brother of all things Cai Li Xiaowen. Jing Di, the CAI plot merit to Erqian Dan. Xiao Wu Di to to generation. Yuanshuo five years for the light rail vehicles to the general \u9236? from the great general strike You Xianwang \u9236? active in the rate of \u9236? dubbed Le KPMG. Yuanshou years in \u9236? on behalf of the GONGSUN Hong as prime minister. Cai man in the next , the reputation is far under the broad, then not widely MG Yap, the official but Jiuqing, and Cai as Liehou, places to Excellencies. Zhuguang of Matrimony and his soldiers or taking Monkey. Guang and Wang Qi Wang Shuo taste of Swallows \u9236? said: "Since the Chinese and the Huns and wide strike which is not a bad idea, and Captain of the following tribes, to less than human, then to take Hou Gong Hu Jun, who hit dozens of people, not for future generations and wide, then no dimensions fief of power in order to get those, why? Phase I wrong Qi Hou evil? And the solid life too? "Schomburg said:" General self-concept, how could almost taste the hate some \u9236? "Canton said:" I try to keep Longxi, Qiang try anti \u9236? I induced fall from the sky, falling by eight hundred people, I kill the same day fraud. This has big ears hate alone. "Schomburg said:" great calamity has fallen in the killing, which was not so Hou who is also general. "" Later they only know the number of Li Guang Qi, Cai Li, few people mention his name. Standard answer should be: a, b

2014-07-28 01:19:22