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The tree still while the wind blows, does not wait for child wants his parents

Posted on 2014-07-28 01:19:22

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Trees want to stop rocking the wind was constantly blowing babe want to honor their loved ones, the elders have already gone out. Commonly used in the expression of the pain of lost treasure, comfort people not only to regret not when they lose value. Still while the wind blows the tree, the child wants his parents wait for the language, see "Chinese and Korean baby Hanshiwaizhuan Juanjiu": "The tree still while the wind blows, wait for the child wants his parents are." "Ming Gao * learn the ancient House of the Lute thirty-seventh out ":" Confucius Gao fish hear crying and asked why, the GAO said the fish: 'tree wish, while the wind blows, the child wants his parents are not.' "Spring and Autumn Period Confucius kai only travel when I suddenly road there crying, stop and approached inquiry why, Gao Fish said: "I came from a studious, had been to study countries, when the parents return late. human child who, once their parents should serve time to time I do not like a 'tree wish, while the wind blows'; now I do not want to support their parents and relatives. the dead are gone, the love memorable, so feeling sad cry. "by the tree leaves are still, but the wind is blowing more than a pound Yu. For real honor parents sigh when the Son of man, his parents have switched death. After Yu did not, unsatisfactory. Or contrary to the objective situation and subjective, the use of this language. "Hanshiwaizhuan": "The tree wants to remain quiet while the wind blows. Son wants his parents not wait too." This is the dutiful son provincial judge fish Qi words of Confucius, due to "wind tree" metaphor parents death, less than paternity support.

2014-07-28 01:19:22